Service Warranties

Somero® Annual Service Agreement

Extended Warranty & Total Care Warranty Programs

Get the best performance and productivity from your Somero® Equipment!

  • Perform all of the “non-routine” maintenance on the machine.
  • Repair small items immediately to avoid major breakdowns later.
  • Ensure your operators are fully trained.
  • Take inventory and suggest restock of any depleted emergency spare parts.

The Somero® Annual Service Agreement will Help You Meet All of the Objectives.

The service agreement provides for:

  • Two days of onsite service or maintenance work annually with reduced rates for traveling to the customer. Also, a reduced labor rate for additional work performed.
  • An inspection of all your Somero® machines when customer service rep is onsite with a follow-up report to alert you to any required repairs or maintenance to your fleet.
  • Unlimited free training at our Florida facility so operators can come for as much training as needed.
  • A 15% discount on part purchases along with UPS standard or truck freight shipping making it easier for you to keep your emergency spare parts kit complete.

The Annual Service Agreement is intended to provide a reduced overall cost when customers take advantage of all services. You benefit by lowering your cost of ownership. You also benefit with better performance and productivity from highly trained operators and machines that are in top running condition.

When Should You Consider the Annual Service Agreement?

  • Your operator is new and needs training
  • Your machine has been idle
  • You have a big or high tolerance job coming up
  • It has been a long time since your last job
  • Your crew is placing frequent service calls to Somero®
  • Your Somero® Total Care Program on your Laser Screed® machine has expired
  • The one year warranty has expired
  • You need a large quantity of parts
  • You have multiple machines
  • You purchased a used machine at auction or on the gray market
  • Your machine hasn’t been looked at by a Somero® Customer Service Rep in over a year

Small Line Extended Warranty (2-3 years from purchase)

  • Standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extended warranty – extends original manufacturer’s warranty additional 1 or 2 years
  • Phone Support, on call 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Defective part replacement

(Excludes routine maintenance, physical damage, hauling or rentals, labor and wear items such as tires, batteries, filters, lubricants, augers, etc.)

Total Care Program for the S-22EZ (3 years from purchase)

  • Adds 2 years to the machine warranty
  • 2 onsite machine/spares inspections per year with follow-up report to the customer
  • 1 day operator refresh training per year